Assistive Technologies & Grid Layout

Study Snacks has an excellent support for assistive technologies like VoiceOver, Voice Control and Switch Control. The app even includes a grid layout setting to make VoiceOver work well with the study view. The grid layout will arrange the subwords in the study view on a grid instead of being physics based. This makes it easier for VoiceOver users to find previously discovered items again, while also reducing the cognitive load for everyone.

iPhone 14 Pro showing the study view with the grid layout turned on. The user is currently studying the \

Language learning with VoiceOver

Pronunciation is key when learning a new language. So when learning vocabulary, we made sure that VoiceOver would read out English words in English, Spanish words in Spanish, and so on. This is also true when VoiceOver speaks out the correct solution after solving a term on the study view./p>

iPhone 14 Pro showing the list for \

Dyslexic Font

Study Snacks offers a special typeface called OpenDyslexic to make reading more easy for people with dyslexia.

Learn more about the OpenDyslexic font

iPhone 14 Pro showing showing the list for \

Custom Themes

Change the design of the app to something that is better legible to you by selecting a custom theme. You can choose from one of the predefined themes, which are Dark, Light, Black, Monochrome Dark, Monochrome Light and Color Blind Friendly, which is based on Paul Tols Vibrant color scheme. If none of those fit your needs, you can also create your own color scheme and manually set colors for any element in the app.

iPhone 14 Pro showing the Custom Theme edit screen, where colors for different elements like the background, selected spheres, the instruction view etc. can be manually set

Large Type

If you are using a larger text size on your iOS device, the menus of Study Snacks will adapt accordingly. As for the study view, you can always use pinch-to-zoom to enlarge the content there.

iPhone 14 Pro showing the Study Goals tab with the largest text size possible. Content shows a Today section header with the European Countries & Capitals List (Last Studied: 4 days ago) and the Completed Section header

Custom VoiceOver Rotors

Study Snacks features custom rotors to let VoiceOver users filter the quickly move to certain items on the screen. The custom rotors will let you filter subwords based on their starting letter, on their length and wether they are uppercased or not.

Learn more about VoiceOver Rotors

iPhone 14 Pro showing the study view for the European Countries & Capitals list. The subword \

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